Room In Roof

As specialists in building Insulation, we can add insulation behind the surface of your walls to help keep your home warm and cut your heating bills. Many Room in Roofs that we find don't have any insulation behind, especially the sloped sections, meaning the heat from that room (and maybe the rest of the house) only has plasterboard and roof tiles to keep it in. 


What is Insulation for a Room in Roof?

Room in Roof insulation adds a layer of insulation between the plasterboard and roof. This helps to retain heat in the room (and keep it cooler during hot weather). This makes the room feel more comfortable an dless heating needed. When considering Room in Roof insulation, we also look at behind any walls and above the ceiling, if there is one. This completes the insulation layer at the top of house, much like Loft Insulation does. 

The usual process for insulating a Room in Roof is to remove the plasterboard from the sloped areas, install high performance insulation board, cover that with multifoil and battens, plasterboard and a plaster skim. Behind walls and ceilings, we insulate using a fibre insulation (usually a product made from recycled glass, we are an eco-friendly company after all). We take care of everything from start to finish and even take the waste away!


What are the Benefits?

If needed, we will take care of moving radiators, lights, sockets, reinstalling skirting board and installing new window cills.