and Boarding

Fitting new or an extra layer of insulation in your loft is a quick and easy way to cut your heating bills and make your home warmer.

If you have a standard loft with a pitched roof, and no heated rooms in the loft space, then it is best to insulate it by laying rolls of flexible insulation material at the floor level. If you already have some insulation, check the depth.

If you have an unheated loft with less than 200mm (8 inches) of insulation at the floor level, then it may be worth adding an additional layer to bring it up to the recommended depth (270mm or more) and help keep the heat in.

If you only have 100mm or less, then it is highly recommended to consider topping it up.


We use Energy Saving Trust endorsed mineral wool loft insulation, meaning you can rest assured the product is high quality and will do its job for a long time to come.


Along with insulating the floor of the loft, we also make sure of the following:

We can also fit boarding for storage, loft ladders and lights.

The below chart figures are based on energy prices from July 2023.

Want to store anything in the loft?

We can fit a raised floor (boarding) to put your boxes on – you shouldn’t rest anything on the insulation itself. We use purpose made plastic legs on the joists to support the new floor. Insulation is then installed between the legs and fit the new floorboards on top.


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