What is External Wall Insulation?

Insulation is attached to the outside surface of your walls to help keep your home warm and cut your heating bills. This is finished in an attractive render in a colour of your choice. This is usually the easiest way to insulate the walls of properties that don’t have a cavity.


What are the benefits?


Is it right for me?

If your house was built before the 1920s, then it is quite likely to have solid walls. Some newer houses were built without a standard cavity, in which case solid wall insulation may be the best option.

Before about 1920, most houses in the UK were built with solid walls – that is, the outside walls were made of a single solid layer of brick or stone. During the 1920s it became increasingly common to build houses with an inner and an outer leaf with an air gap in between. This is known as a cavity wall, as opposed to a solid wall with no air gap.

If you have a cavity wall, then you should check first if you can have cavity wall insulation – or if you have it already.

Some houses are not built of standard brick, stone or block. For example, they could be made from concrete panels. External wall insulation may be the best option for these houses. “Wimpey No Fines” homes are very common in Nottingham and Derby. These are made from poured concrete and weren’t insulated. We have treated many of this type of construction and all those customers have loved the refreshed look of their house and the big increase in warmth inside.

If you think you may have solid walls, a system-built home (e.g., Wimpey No Fines), or just a cold house that needs some attention, contact us for a quote to add insulation. 

What External Wall Insulation system do Green and Cosy Homes use?

We are certified installer of the PPG Johnstones Stormshield External Wall system, using the Enhanced EPS Insulation, finished off in their one of their render systems. This can be done in any colour in the Johnstones Stormshield range. For more information on the Johnstones Stormshield EWI range, click here.

Johnstones Stormshield EWI Approved Installer

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