Our Projects

Below are some of the projects we've completed

This house in Sandiacre has undergone the External Wall Insulation treatment. Another returning customer happy with our first job. Bedrooms were cold and after seeing a neighbour having it done, decided she'd go for it. Very happy with the work and now much more comfortable.

This bungalow in Long Eaton had External Wall Insulation. We recently quoted for this customers son’s house and they said the bedroom is now actually warm, something they’d not been able to achieve previously.

This rental property in South Derby had minimal Loft Insulation present. We topped this up to around 300mm deep all over. This has saved the tenant on her heating bills and made the house notably warmer. The Landlady was so please with our work, we did a total of 3 properties, including her own home.

Wanting a nice warm room for their son, we installed Internal Wall Insulation to the 3 outside walls, finished in fresh plaster and adding new skirting and picture rail. They decided on Internal Wall Insulation to retain the look on the outside of the property.

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